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22 Jul 0 10504
When it comes to bed protection for incontinence, you want to ensure you have all-round protection while offering comfort, limited washing and ease of changing when required. Waterproof Mattress Prot..
11 Jun 0 16565
With commentary by Glenys Drayton, founder and inventor of Conni Products. When will I know that my Conni product is on its last innings? I’ve used the bed pad for all four of my kids over the years, ..
06 Apr 0 1161
As a predominantly reusable company, Conni has been providing some of the best absorbent, washable and reusable continence products in the world to customers for over 17 years. At the core of our bus..
01 Jan 0 917
  Making the switch or starting your journey with reusable cloth nappies can be a tricky thing for some. Whether you're going to be using cloth nappies full time, part-time or just at home, it’s impor..
23 Oct 0 8476
Many people are still trying to navigate their NDIS funding. With this can come the good, the confusing but most importantly, the chance to use your plan your way...Don’t be scared to think outside th..
24 Apr 0 944
Did you know that your diet can have a substantial impact on the health of your bladder? This wonderful article by Elizabeth Houser, MD sheds light on what we can do in order to assist in keeping a h..
07 Mar 0 1115
The Geelong Animal and Welfare Society is a not-for-profit animal welfare organisation providing best-practice care, community education and re-homing programs for lost or abandoned animals. The missi..
07 Mar 0 1041
At Conni, we really do have a soft spot from all animals. We align ourselves with Animals Australia by regularly donating to them, we also provide donations of our popular Conni Pet Pads to local Geel..
07 Mar 0 1097
  With the help of three local Geelong continence nurses, Shani Hill, Monica Harrop and Erica Pearce, we are excited to announce the first Conni sponsored, Continence Geelong Toilet Training and Toile..
12 Sep 0 1041
Nowadays, there are tons of options when it comes to managing incontinence and light bladder loss. But how do you choose between disposable and reusable? Here are a few things to consider: Cost Envir..
04 Sep 0 1395
Intergenerational care programs are proving to be a fabulous and popular program as many projects are finding positives in bringing the two together. Studies are also showing that the continued use of..
23 Aug 0 858
We rarely hear people speak about incontinence. But the condition, the involuntary loss of urine or faecal matter, is frighteningly common. Which begs the question, why are we not having open discussi..
23 Aug 0 837
  When becoming an adult, it’s been impossible to avoid hearing about the importance of a strong pelvic floor and stumbling upon dozens of articles. The message is crystal clear: a healthy pelvic floo..
17 Aug 0 981
Choosing a bed pad can be a tedious task.Reusable or disposable? Larger or smaller? With Tuck-ins or without? $15 or $75? You’ve got a lot of options to choose from when it comes to your incontinence..
09 Nov 0 973
When it comes to water safety and the importance of swimming lessons in the early years, you really only have to listen to one person: champion swim coach Laurie Lawrence.  In a recent article, Mr La..
01 Dec 0 1143
Urinary Incontinence - are you dealing with it?  You can imagine that at Conni, we take phone calls and emails from people living with it, we visit nursing conferences with experts helping to improve ..
14 Nov 0 836
Conni's own Suze Callahan flew to Adelaide last week for the annual CoNSA conference to deliver the 2016 Conni Award.A great time as always catching up with the clinicians and catching up with the go..
09 Sep 0 845
It's ok to feel many emotions when dealing with change.Some changes however, like working out how to manage incontinence in your life can command a sense of hopelessness eventually leading to many fo..
07 Sep 0 833
Research in the UK has suggested that 4 out of every 10 post-natal women are feeling embarrassment over talking about urinary incontinence, or "light bladder leakage". At Conni, we know and understan..
05 May 0 918
Men who are living with stress/urge incontinence will find pelvic floor muscle training can help. The floor of the pelvis is made up of layers of muscle and other tissues. These layers stretch like a..
18 Apr 0 865
With the roll out of the NDIS in Victoria and parts of Australia, consumers are being empowered to take charge of their own care needs. At Conni we think this provides wonderful choices for people wh..
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