Oh, the feeling as you lay your weary head down for the night after a long and busy day!  A good night’s sleep all starts with a bed that is cozy and soft to ensure you wake up feeling refreshed and ready to conquer the day.  When it comes to making your bed using Conni products, there is an easy art and it’s all in the layering!

Step 1: Mattress Protector

Your mattress protector is your first layer of protection against leaks, fluids, spills and stains.  It acts as a protective barrier for your mattress, helping to extend its lifespan and ensuring your bed remains hygienic and clean. Conni Mattress Protectors are PVC and rustle-free allowing you to fully relax while having the peace of mind that your mattress is completely protected.  A simple tip before purchasing one of the Conni Mattress Protectors is to measure your mattress’ wall depth.  We have three incredible designs with different wall depths to suit almost all mattresses on the market.

Step 2: Fitted Sheet

When using our Waterproof Mattress Protector, you will need to place a normal fitted sheet over the top for added comfort. If you have our Micro Plush Mattress Protector or Micro Plush Encasement, you do not necessarily need a normal sheet as the soft face is comfortable enough to be slept directly upon. This amazing design helps to save time, money and washing! If you do choose to use a fitted sheet over the top of your protector, carefully tuck the corners under your mattress for a snug fit.

Step 3: Conni Bed Pad

Our Reusable Bed Pads are our highest-absorbing product in the Conni range and provide amazing protection from bladder and bowel voids through the night.  Our Bed Pads are designed to be slept directly upon and are placed over your bottom sheet.  The incredible design and function of the Conni Bed Pads often mean that you do not need to strip the entire bed should a leak or spill occur through the night.  You can simply take the bed pad off and pop in the washing machine.  

Step 4: Top Sheet

If you prefer sleeping with a top sheet this can provide additional warmth on those cold winter nights or can be used in lieu of a doona when the temperature is soaring during the hot summer months. If wanting to create a waterproof barrier between you and your doona, the Conni Micro Plush Flat Sheet provides a wonderful solution.  The soft face is slightly absorbent, while the back is completely waterproof helping to prevent liquids from reaching your doona.  The soft face faces you and we recommend tucking the bottom and sides of the sheet well under your mattress to avoid the sheet from shifting during your sleep.

Step 5: Quilt Cover

Your quilt or doona cover is the final layer of your mattress ensemble.  Not only does a quilt cover help protect your doona from getting dirty or torn, but choosing a colour or print in your style can add personality and warmth to your bed.  At Conni, we understand just how difficult it can be to wash and dry a doona.  They can become incredibly heavy when wet.  So, we have a uniquely designed Waterproof Quilt Cover that provides a protective waterproof barrier for your doona while still allowing your doona to breathe.  This incredible product is easy to put on and is fastened with press studs at the foot of the cover.

Step 6: Pillow Protector

As you continue to focus on layering your mattress, don’t forget the importance of also protecting your pillow.  The Conni range of Pillow Protectors includes the Waterproof Pillow Protector and the Micro Plush Pillow Protector both of which provide wonderful waterproof protection while allowing your pillow to breathe through the night.

So, remember the secret to the most comfortable and protected bed lies in the layers with each layer adding its unique touch to your sleep journey.  Rest well, dream big and have peace of mind when your bed is dressed with Conni.

If you'd like to learn more about any of the products in the Conni range, please don't hesitate to contact us. You can chat with one of our friendly customer service representatives via phone at 1300 721 710, email us via the contact us page, or use our live chat service.