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NDIS Support Coordinator Page

Supporting the NDIS community

We value the ongoing partnerships we have with our incredible NDIS community, including our NDIS participant's Support Coordinators. Let us support you so you can focus on supporting your participants.

We're here to help you

Conni Australia is a Victorian based NDIS registered provider who provides consumables to NDIS participants Australia wide.

We strive to make accessing and utilising your NDIS consumables funding through Conni as easy as possible. Browse online at your leisure and have complete control in selecting the products you require.

All NDIS participants with consumables budgets can access the Conni NDIS registration via

One click on the NDIS? Register Here section on the top right hand side, the three funding type options appear. Participants or their supports can choose the appropriate option and get started!

How we can support you and your participant

We're with our NDIS participants and their support every step of the way. From product queries to registration questions and everything else in between, our Conni NDIS customer service is here to make the process as easy as possible.

We also offer reminder emails to plan managed participants, to ensure quick turnaround of payment and delivery, same-day dispatch on NDIA orders once processed via the NDIA portal and detailed tracking emails once the order has been shipped.

Empathy, understanding, compassion and a positive attitude are key functions required by a Conni Customer Service Representative.

We like to go into each conversation with the understanding that we are either someone's first point of contact, or we are their last resort.

The ease of purchasing directly via Conni with NDIS funding

We take the hard work out of ordering with Conni with very effective processes in place. We have ample stock in all of our product ranges, quick turnaround time on dispatch and delivery, an array of resources such as blogs, product information, downloadable PDFs and a great customer service experience.

How Conni can help with using the consumables budget

Consumables (Support Category 03) are a support category available to assist participants with purchasing everyday use items, such as continence products. Most of the Conni range can fall under consumables funding, in particular, bedding, chair protection, floor mats, swimwear and underwear.

Our best selling products

Bedding Protection

For all of your waterproof, absorbent and discreet mattress and bedding protection products, Conni’s range has got you covered.

Bedding protection
Floor Mats

Non Slip Floor Protection

Want to have the confidence of reducing slips and falls when hopping out of the shower or bath? Need an aborbent mat by the sink so you can have the confidence to do the dishes or laundry without slipping on water splashes? Our Conni Anti Slip Floor Mats have got your covered! They are absorbent, low profile and anti-slip, allowing you to feel safe from slips and falls where fluid may be present.

Furniture Protection

Our Conni Chair Pads have the same technology as our bed pads, meaning they are slim and discreet with high absorbent capacity and are leak-proof. If you’re in a wheelchair, want seat protection for all modes of travel or have mobility equipment, then chair pads are a great way to keep seats clean, dry and hygienic. They come in two sizes and can be folded down to fit into a handbag or backpack, meaning you can get out and about without worrying about leaks when sitting down.

Furniture Protection

Hydrotherapy Protection

If you’re a swimmer, have hydro-therapy or just love the beach then our Conni Containment Swim Shorts might just be the thing you need to enable you to participate in the water activities you love. They are an eco-friendly, washable and reusable solution to disposable swim nappies that are designed to contain bowel and bladder matter within the shorts. Our swim shorts offer a safe, secure and confident aquatic experience for people of all ages.

Leak Proof Underwear

If you experience light bladder leakage (LBL) and want a washable and re-usable alternative to disposable incontinence pads, then our underwear is just the thing for you! Conni underwear looks like regular undies, with slimline absorbent layers and a discreet leak-proof backing that will keep you feeling comfortable, protected and free to enjoy your daily activities. Our discreet underwear come in women’s, men’s and children’s sizes and styles.


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