The temperature has certainly dropped and as we reach for our blankets and Uggies, we can feel that winter has well and truly settled in.  While we reorganise our wardrobes for cooler days, our bodies also undergo several changes to adapt to the cold weather.  Some of these changes also affect our urinary system. 

A study published in the International Neurourology Journal on seasonal effects on the bladder concluded patients in the cold season group showed more urinary incontinence episodes.

During cold temperatures, our kidneys increase urine production as part of a broader set of bodily functions aimed at preserving warmth and protecting us from the cold. 

As described by Dr. Katherine Voss from the Urology Group, to maintain warmth around our vital organs, the body reduces blood flow to the skin, resulting in an increase in blood pressure.  To accommodate this increased blood volume, the kidneys produce more urine.  Additionally, reduced sweating during the cooler seasons means our bodies lose less fluid, further increasing urine production.  Consequently, it’s common to experience a higher frequency of urination during the colder months. 

According to Alliance Urology, because cold weather causes a decrease in body temperature, muscles around the bladder often tense. Since Overactive Bladder (OAB) is caused by bladder and muscle spasms, cold weather can also increase urgency and increase incontinence for those already experiencing OAB. 

Unfortunately, colds and flu are also associated with the cooler months. The sneezing and coughing brought on by a cold can contribute to urinary leaks.  This is usually the result of a weak pelvic floor and exercises prescribed by your healthcare professional can help strengthen these muscles.

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