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Choosing the right bed pad

Conni bed pads without tuck ins are perfect for portability

All Conni Bed Pads have the same great technology  

  • Fast-absorbing, dry-feel top comfort layer
  • A highly absorbent inner core
  • Leak-proof barrier layer
  • Slim design
  • Quiet and discreet

The biggest difference between our bed pads is size and whether they have tuck-ins, no tuck-ins or are fitted. Have a read through to see which bed pad is best for you.

No tuck-ins, tuck-ins or fitted?

The decision will rely partly on your mattress size and largely on your requirements. 

No tuck-ins

Our reusable bed pads (that don’t have tuck-ins) are a great versatile bed pad that can go on any mattress size. They are held in place by the weight of the user and the soft backing.


Bed pads with tuck-ins are designed to be tucked in under the mattress and are a bit more secure for the restless sleepers while still being easy to remove and wash. 

Fitted Bed Pad Sheet

These are the most secure fit! Pop them on like a normal fitted sheet and have the full width of the bed protected. If the user is prone to removing the bed pad or sliding in under the ones with tuck-ins then a Fitted Bed Pad Sheet might be your new best friend.

Conni Kids bed pads are water resistant and durable

Single & King Single

Double & Queen


All Conni Bed Pads are designed to be slept directly on top of, this will enable to technology to work to its best ability. If you require leak-proof mattress protection please visit our mattress protector range. We suggest using a leak proof mattress protector in conjunction with bed pads to ensure your mattress is protected should an accident happen off the bed pad.