Since launching Accalia we have had many Mums-to-be asking how Accalia undies and pads will hold up against the floods of postpartum bleeding. Knowing that post-birth bleeding can be extensive, heavy and unpredictable, we have suggested women stick with disposable products at least until the bleeding slows down.

Recently one of our team gave birth to her third baby and was confident enough to put both our Conni and Accalia products to the postpartum test!

Please remember, menstrual bleeding can be vastly different from person to person and postpartum is no exception to this rule. Volume, flow rate, and personal preference will all factor into how the products work for you.

Shalbi asked Alanna all about her post-birth bleeding experience using Accalia and Conni products, here is what she had to share….

Shalbi: What Accalia products did you pack in your hospital bag?

Alanna: I had it all! Being my third, I knew I could be up for some pretty horrific Kill Bill type scenes. I was keen to head home pretty quickly, but I did prepare for a few days in the hospital just in case (this was lucky as I ended up staying for a few days).

I packed:

  • Eve - I suspected I would need more than just Eve on her own, but I thought I could couple with either Accalia Pads or disposable pads and have extra protection all round.
  • Aliya and Accalia Pads - The pads have the highest absorbency capacity and are easier to change, so I stuck a pack-in with some Aliya undies.
  • Conni Classic Undies - I know these are from our Conni range, but they have a much higher absorbency than the Accalia range, so I hoped that they might cope with the heavier first days.
  • Disposable Maternity Pads - I felt like a traitor and a cheat buying these, I haven’t bought disposable menstrual products for a couple of years now, but I knew I had to be prepared for the worst and figured I could donate them to a charity if I didn’t use them.

S: Being your third, do you think the bleeding has been pretty similar each time round?
A: No! I have had quite a different experience between my 3, particularly between the first and second.

S: Tell me how the products went for you? What worked and what didn’t?
A: I’ve used them all! For a start, I used the disposable maternity pads in a pair of Conni Classics, without fail, every single disposable pad leaked, up the front, but having the Classics on meant that I didn’t have a single leak onto clothing. Classics were a dream maternity product to have on board!

About day 3 I started also using Eve with a disposable pad, they had much the same effect as the Classics.

Around day 4 (I was home now) I switched out the disposable pads and used either Conni Classics on their own or Alliya/ Eve coupled with an Accalia Pad.

By the end of the week I was able to wear my Oriana’s and Eve’s on their own.

S: How did the products feel comfort-wise? What sizes did you go for?
A: I was lucky that all my growth happened in my belly. I was even comfortably wearing my Oriana undies until about 30 weeks. So for all the Accalia undies, I stuck with my pre-pregnancy size (I go up a size in period undies anyway). I found the Eve’s were a little bit snug, but not uncomfortable, if I did it again, I would go up at least 2 sizes in Eve.
For the Conni Classics, I went up 2 sizes, because they are a full brief I wanted to make sure there was plenty of space for my deflating uterus.

  • Conni Classics were super comfortable, I couldn’t fault these at all.
  • Oriana are great for once the flow lightens and for early pregnancy.
  • Aliya were really comfortable, but didn’t offer the protection I required for post partum.
  • Although I got the size wrong, the Eve’s offer a more “secure” feeling which was actually really handy when I got my first postpartum period.
  • Accalia pads are super handy and really comfortable too and I used these quite a bit.

S: Now that you have had the chance to test out the products for postpartum, what would your advice to others be?
A: I want to preface this by reminding everyone that I have had different experiences between my postpartum bleeding for my 3 children, what has worked for me, isn’t guaranteed to work for others.

I would confidently recommend that every woman packs at least 4-5 pairs of Conni Classics in their hospital bag along with their disposable surfboard pads. Washing undies is WAY better than having to wash multiple pairs of pants and pyjamas each day (I had this experience with both my older kids).

I recently got my first period post birth too, which, to my horror was incredibly heavy, I am a cup user, so I used my Accalia cup, but resorted to wearing a pair of Eve’s, Oriana’s or classics as backup because it was so heavy!

So, if you’re looking for a great post birth period panty set up, I would suggest, Classics and Eves as the first port of call and if you can afford to, grab a few pairs of Oriana too, these babies can replace your everyday undies!

S: Is there any other advice you can offer?
A: If you’re choosing to use a washable solution for your postpartum bleeding due to environmental benefits, remember that every disposable you don’t use is a step in the right direction. So if you can’t manage the first few days, definitely be prepared with washables for once the bleeding slows down.

I know for some, the cost outlay to buy a washable solution may be a little bit daunting, but over time you will reap the savings, be more comfortable and be helping the environment, so I like to think of it as an investment.

Another little side tip, Large Conni Chair Pads are the best for nappy free time, change mat covers and out and about change mat, they fold down nice and small, are super absorbent and nice and comfy for your little one, I use them every day.