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NDIS Participants

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NDIS participants purchase their NDIS Consumables directly from Conni Australia, using our online ordering system. In order to buy NDIS incontinence products via our ordering system, you must first register for an account. Please select from the below according to your current funding scheme. If you are unsure, please ask your support co-ordinator what funding scheme you fall under.

NDIS with Conni

At Conni, we're proud to be a part of the efforts to support individuals with disability in Australia. The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a government-funded program that plays a crucial role in helping people living with a disability achieve their goals and gain more independence. We're dedicated to offering high-quality products that can provide additional support to NDIS participants. Our reusable bed pads for incontinence and washable reusable underwear for light bladder leakage are designed with the unique needs of individuals with incontinence in mind, and we believe that they can be an important tool for helping people with a disability maintain their independence and dignity.

What type of NDIS plan do you have?

You are only a few minutes away before you can start ordering Conni products and pay with your NDIS funding.
Please select the account type that matches your participant funding model.

Self Managed

You are self-managed if:

  • You have funds already accessible
  • are reimbursed for purchases made

If you are a SELF MANAGED NDIS participant, you can purchase our Conni branded NDIS incontinence products directly from Conni. Simply register an account using the link below, complete the form and start shopping. 

You may be eligible for discounted NDIS pricing on Conni branded products at the checkout.

Payment will be taken from you via credit card at checkout.

Plan Managed

You are plan managed if:

  • You have a plan manager/support coordinator that you send the invoice for payment
  • The invoice is paid for goods to be sent out

Please note: Plan Managed and NDIA managed are two separate funding schemes. If you are unsure which you fall under, please contact us on 1300 721 710 before registering.

If you are plan managed, you can use our online shop to generate an invoice that you can then pass onto your plan manager.

Simply register an account using the link below, complete the form and start shopping. You may be eligible for discounted NDIS pricing on Conni branded products at the checkout.

Once you checkout, your order will be pending until payment has been received. Your invoice will be sent to you via email (allow 2-3 minutes). If you have provided your Plan Mangers email address the invoice will be emailed directly to your Plan Manager.


You are Agency or PACE Managed if:

  • All your orders are done through the NDIS portal or My NDIS Provider Portal (PACE)
  • You will need to agree to a service agreement during checkout

If you are AGENCY or PACE-managed, you can use our online shop to generate an order that we will then use to submit your claim to the portal.

Simply register an account using the link below, complete the form and start shopping. You may be eligible for discounted NDIS pricing on Conni-branded products at the checkout.

Once you checkout, your order will be pending until payment has been submitted and approved via the NDIA portal.

Please note we are aware of the current transition process for some participants being moved to PACE on their new plan. Before placing your order, you are required to ensure that you have added Conni as an endorsed MyProvider. Your order cannot be processed until this has occurred. Once successful (you can keep an eye on this via your portal login or contact for confirmation for the NDIS), please generate your invoice, and we will submit it via the NDIS provider portal. 

Trading name: Galway Trading PTY LTD

Organisation ID: 4050005135

Once we successfully submit your claim, your goods will be shipped from our warehouse. Please allow up to 2 business days to process these claims once confirmed.

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NDIS Frequently Asked Questions


We do not provide quotations in advance. To initiate the invoice generation process, the first step is to create an NDIS account on our website. You can visit this link to access the registration page, where you will find all the necessary details to proceed with your order:

Once your account registration is complete, you can proceed with placing your order. An invoice will then be automatically generated and sent to the email address you have provided. For those with an agency-managed account, the invoice will be sent to us for service booking and payment processing. Alternatively, it can be sent to your plan manager if you are plan-managed using the email address you've specified.

If necessary, you may also use the generated invoice as a quotation. Simply inform our NDIS customer service team whether you intend to make payment or no longer require the invoice.

Oh don’t you worry, we’ve made this super easy for parents, coordinators and nominees to do! To add multiple participants to your account, all you need to do is log in, head to your account details and click on modify your address details. Here, you will then be able to add one, two, three, however many other NDIS participants you require Conni orders for. At the checkout, it’s been made easy to simply click on the participant the invoice or order is for. 

We see most plan managers incredibly quick with paying plan managed invoices. Usually, it’s around 3-5 business days. Please note that if this is your first purchase, the funds may take a couple of days to clear. We also send reminder emails on your behalf to the plan managers email provided to ensure quick payment. 

As soon as your payment is received the goods will go out within 24 hours…in most cases that business day! You’ll also be notified via email when picked and packed, a tracking number and updates from the selected courier. 

Within the next business day, your invoice will already be with our NDIS team and ready to be popped through the portal. Please ensure you carefully read and fill out the form to ensure we can do this promptly. If any details may be required, you’ll receive an email notification ASAP to get this resolved and your service booking moving! NDIA invoice popped through the portal will be sent same business day. 

Another EASY thing for us to assist you with. Please send an email to, use our contact us page, call us on 1300 721 710 during business hours or even simply flick us an instant message on our live chat and we can update that for you pronto! 

If you are still unsure about the NDIS and need more information, there are plenty of resources available. Please feel free to give us a call for a chat, or look at our NDIS Glossary for further help