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Bed Protection

Unlike most waterproof sheets, the Conni Micro Plush is so soft and luxurious you can sleep directly on them. The look and feel like a soft comfortable fitted sheet. Experience how good a waterproof sheet can be.
Conni Fitted Bed Pad Sheet Conni Fitted Bed Pad Sheet
Fitted Sheet and Bed Pad in one. The Conni Fitted Bed Pad Sheet holds the built-in Bed Pad securely in place. Conni absorbent and waterproof bed pads assist in the management of incontinence, bed wetting, and excessive perspiration. Rest well at night with the combined comfort and protection of our ..
Conni Waterproof Draw Mac offers ‘specific area’ bedding protection keeping mattresses and linen hygienic and stain free. The waterproof sheet protector is 33.4" x 33.4" (85cm x 85cm) with durable tuck-ins on either side. The Conni Draw Mac can be used as an underlay or overlay and fits cots, single..
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