• Pick-Pocket Nurses Pouch and Belt **

Pick-Pocket Nurses Pouch and Belt **

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  • $ 16.50

  • 2 or more $12.50

The Pick-Pocket nurses pouch and belt was designed through consultation with nurses.

Buy 2 or more and SAVE! - 1 for $16.50 or 2 for $25.00

This is a great nurses organiser.

I encourage all of my graduate nurses to use a Pick-PocketĀ® Pouch so they are more organized
Alana, Clinical Nurse Educator, Australia

  • The Pick-Pocket nurses pouch is specifically designed to carry nurses tools of trade that all nurses:- pens, scissors, IV tape disposable gloves, keys, handover notes, money etc.

  • Separated compartments means all of your important items are easily at hand and available exactly when you need them. The Pick-Pocket Pouch (Nurse's Joey) is designed to allow easy access with just one hand. 

  • The convenient key ring attachment means you don't have to search for your keys.

  • The Pick-Pocket nurses pouch has a zip compartment for your valuables and can also carry your mobile phone or PDA. 

  • The Pick-Pocket measures 20cm x 15cm and sits flat on your waist. Lightweight and comfortable. The true portable pocket.

  • And the great thing is: it's washable. Treat it like your uniform : buy 2, one in the wash and wear the other on the job.

  • The Pick-Pocket nurses pouch fits any waist size because if the adjustable belt system.

The Pick-Pocket has been so popular and word has spread quickly. It is now used throughout many other industries such as veterinary nurses; teachers; dog groomers; retailers and others. 

It has four large zippered sections and twelve individual pockets (one wet-pocket) on the inside to hold all of your equipment in an organised and hygienic manner.  The central padded pocket is suitable to carry a laptop computer / tablet. The heavy duty yet light weight luggage fabric comes in a neutral taupe colour with black trim.

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