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Home Care Packages - Providers

Purchase Conni products with Home Care Package funds for you or your clients using our Conni HCP login. Designed to make purchasing Conni products for Home Care Package clients easy, register your clients below and start their journey with the Conni range.


Simply register an account using the link below, complete the form and start shopping. You may be eligible for discounted HCP pricing on Conni branded products at the checkout.

Upon checkout, your order will be pending until payment has been received. Your invoice will be sent to you and to your HCP Provider via email (allow 2-3 minutes).


We do not provide quotations in advance. To initiate the invoice generation process, the first step is to create an HCP account on our website. You can visit this link to access the registration page, where you will find all the necessary details to proceed with your order:

Once your account registration is complete, you can proceed with placing your order. An invoice will then be automatically generated and sent to the email address and payment provider email address you have provided on your account. 

If necessary, you may also use the generated invoice as a quotation. Simply inform our HCP customer service team whether you intend to make payment or no longer require the invoice.

We have made this super easy for HCP Providers. To add multiple clients to your account, please log in, head to your account details and click on ‘Modify Your Address Details’. Here, you can add as many HCP clients you require Conni orders for. At the checkout, simply select the correct client using the drop-down menu.

Orders can only by placed by your Home Care Package Provider. Please contact your HCP Provider to place your order on your behalf.

As soon as your payment is received the goods will go out within 24 hours…in most cases that business day! You will be notified via email when your order has been picked and packed.  Included will be your tracking number and updates from the selected courier.

You will receive all tracking and delivery notifications via the email address provided when registering your account.