At Conni, we really do have a soft spot from all animals. We align ourselves with Animals Australia by regularly donating to them, we also provide donations of our popular Conni Pet Pads to local Geelong based animal shelters.

Our managing director, Glenys, since she was little constantly said she wanted to help old adults…and animals… and she always wondered if trees felt pain. Glenys is a huge driving force behind supporting not only people but animals who suffer from incontinence too.  

During early March 2019, our customer service staff noticed multiple orders for bed pads to be donated to W.I.S.H. (WISH - Wildlife Incident Safe Haven), after some investigation, we could see that they posted a call out for people to purchase and donate on Facebook.

After contacting Sarah from W.I.S.H. she explained that they will be receiving all the injured wildlife from the fires that burned during February 2019 around the Bunyip State Park.
They use our bed pads for baby roo's to get around on and for adult roos that are burnt or injured to lie on. WISH will also distribute the bed pads to other carers to use. Naturally Conni wanted to help where we could. WISH was sent 20 of our Conni bed pads to help out.