For some people living with a disability finding the right incontinence products can be difficult. That's where Conni comes in.

Conni bed pads are an excellent solution for people who are on the NDIS and need to manage incontinence at night. Here are some of the key benefits of choosing a Conni bed pad:

Comfortable and Gentle on the Skin

Conni bed pads are made from soft and breathable materials that are gentle on your skin. This is especially important for those with disabilities who may need extra support or have mobility issues. The soft and comfortable design of Conni bed pads will help you sleep peacefully and comfortably, even if you are managing incontinence.

Highly Absorbent

Living with incontinence can require special care, with a Conni bed pad, you can have peace of mind. Conni bed pads are highly absorbent, so you can stay dry and avoid skin irritation. They are designed to provide reliable protection, so you can sleep soundly and confidently.

Easy to Use and Manage

Conni bed pads are easy to use and manage, so you can maintain your independence and take control of your own care. They are also discreet, so you can use them with confidence and not feel self-conscious. With a range of sizes and styles to choose from, you can pick the bed pads that work best for you.


Conni bed pads are a cost-effective solution for managing incontinence. They are designed to last and are easy to maintain, so you can get the most value for your money. And because they are highly absorbent, you can use fewer bed pads and save money in the long run.

Conni bed pads are an excellent solution for NDIS participants who need to manage incontinence at night. With their comfortable, discreet, and effective design, Conni bed pads can help you live life to the fullest and achieve your goals and aspirations. Try them today by using your NDIS funds. Conni is a registered NDIS provider. We can help you regardless if you are Self Managed, Plan Managed or NDIA (Agency) Managed. See our NDIS page for full details