Trust me when we say EVERY NEW PARENT NEEDS ONE OF THESE. And, no! We are not talking about a ‘how to raise children’ handbook...we are referring to our fabulous Conni Bed Pads!

We know our Conni Bed Pads are a fan favourite when it comes to incontinence, toilet training and bedwetting but did you know there are a million (ok… a bit of a stretch but you get what we mean) other uses for your Conni Bed Pad?!

Loooooong before toilet training, they are perfectly suited for pre-birth.

Just ask Melanie, one of our Customer Service Team, who wished she had known about our Bed Pads when her waters broke 9 years ago (and she and her hubby stripped the bed and popped a load of washing on prior to heading to the hospital!)

Lost for Baby Shower gift ideas? We have you covered.

Post bub’s arrival, our Conni Bed Pads are a must-have. Not only when it comes to night feeding in bed, either breast or bottle feeding, but spew, leaky bottles, leaky boobies and even poo explosions can be saved by using a bed pad higher up the bed or slightly lower.

A couple of other perfect uses for the bed pad once bub has arrived is as a nappy-free play mat, drying and clothing bub after a bath and as a nappy change mat out on the go!

Play and snack time can get messy so why not use your Conni Bed Pad as a waterproof activity mat?

Sticky foods, slime, water play, spilling of drink bottles. There’s plenty of ways the lounge or playroom can get messy during activities. Pop the littlies on the Conni Bed Pad and enjoy knowing that our waterproof backing will prevent any mess going through onto carpets. 

Speaking of messes! When the kids get sick...whip out your trusty Conni Bed Pad.

Gastro, stomach bugs, food poisoning or just too many treats at Jimmy’s Fourth Birthday Party, there’s nothing worse than a bed full of vomit. Pop your Conni Kids Bed Pad underneath your little one’s pillow to assist in protecting your little babe’s bed. You can also sit it under the bucket in case they miss it.

And, let’s not forget that our Conni Bed Pads were designed with saving spaces from leaks in mind.

It’s not just great for the bed, you can position it anywhere your toilet training toddler is sitting.
Use it on the couch, on the floor, at the park or really anywhere a toilet training toosh might need that bit of extra protection.

We could go on and on and on about how amazing, versatile and handy our Conni Bed Pads are but we think you get the drift. If you have any other uses for your Conni Bed Pad, let us know!


If you need a Conni Bed Pad but are not too sure which one will be right for you, flick us a message on our live web chat, email or call us on 1300 721 710. Our customer service representatives look forward to hearing from you.