Conni Anti Slip Floor Mats are unlike any other, and for that reason, one of our main goals here at Conni has been to expand our Floor Mat range. And, guess what? WE DID!

Please give a warm welcome to our two latest additions to the Conni Floor Mat range: The Conni Mid Runner Floor Mat and the Conni Long Runner Floor Mat.

Predominantly used in bathroom spaces, the Conni Anti-Slip Floor Mat has been one of our best-selling products for many years now (so much so it has been known to sell out on multiple occasions)! We have no doubt the two latest Anti-Slip Mats will be a welcomed addition to support our customers in many other areas of the home that require a larger surface area to be covered.

The Mid Runner measures 50cms x 115cms, and the Long Runner is 60cms x 150cms. This makes either an excellent addition beside a bathtub. You can also place them in front of the vanity, kitchen sink and laundry sink! They have a very low profile which makes them ideal for use at the entrance of the home.

Unlike traditional bath and floor mats that may become a tripping hazard, the secret to our Conni Anti-Slip Floor Mats, in addition to their low profile, is they have a rubberised backing that prevents trips and slips in areas where liquid may be spilled. The anti-slip performance is best achieved when the mat is used on a clean, smooth and flat non-textured floor.

They are so versatile that you can use them anywhere liquid may be present! Such as:

- In caravans, motorhomes or on outdoor hard surfaces
- In offices and common kitchen areas
- At the front and back doors
- Under pet food bowls and spaces
- In car boots or ute trays

We are so excited for our customers to try our new floor mats, and we invite you to please let us know if you love them as much as we do!

If you have any questions about the Conni Anti-Slip Floor Mats, including their sizes, please do not hesitate to call us on 1300 721 71 or email us via our contact us page. We also welcome you to chat with us on our live chat function to the right of your screen.