With the roll out of the NDIS in Victoria and parts of Australia, consumers are being empowered to take charge of their own care needs.

At Conni we think this provides wonderful choices for people who whilst may need assistance, care and support, are still very much their own person.

This story from ABC online highlights are a great example of this.  

Changes to aged care let the elderly pay for services in their homes

By Lexy Hamilton-Smith - ABC News

A quiet revolution is going on in aged care, with the sector undergoing its biggest shake-up in 25 years.

The changes are designed to help the sick and elderly stay in their own homes for longer by paying for services when government subsidies run out.

Aged and Community Services Australia CEO John Kelly said aged care was becoming a user-pays model, particularly if people wanted to stay in their own home.

Mr Kelly said the way money was allocated in aged care was changing.

"At the moment it still goes to the provider, which is the old classic model," he said.

But from February next year, the money will go straight into people's bank accounts, not to the care providers.

"So they have a choice about what they want to purchase and what they are prepared to chip in for themselves," Mr Kelly said.

Caboolture Blue Care lifestyle manager Julie Smallhorn said home care was all about dignity, respect, choice and control.

"If you can tick all those boxes I think a lot more elderly people are going to be happy," she said

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Story sourced from www.abc.net.au/news