Anyone who knows our amazing Conni Bed and Chair Pads, knows they are excellent for things such as living with continence, toilet training or travel. What many people don’t know, is all the other wonderful uses they have! We thought we’d list some of our favourite “other” uses below.


  1. Baby Play Mat

    Tiny tackers love nappy free time! Inside or out on the grass, little ones will be comfortable rolling around on a Conni Bed Pad. Drool, wee, and vomit are all absorbed away while the baby plays.

  2. Catheter changing

    For those who are self catheterised, using a Bed or Chair Pad while managing changes can help to protect from spills.

  3. Seat protection after the beach

    Whether it be the beach or some other great swimming spot, many people have been in that situation where they get to the car, everyone is still damp and towels are soaked too. Keep a few Conni Chair Pads in the car and save the seats from getting wet.

  4. Baby Nappy Change Pad

    Either on top of a change mat or out and about, our Conni Chair Pads are great for nappy change time, comfortable to lay on, non-slip back helps keep the pad still and they will absorb any little accidents! 

  5. Gastro bed protection!

    When the dreaded gastro bug hits a household with little kids, parents and carers are almost guaranteed to have piles of bedding to wash. Little bugs filled with bugs don’t always aim for a bucket, so Conni Bed Pads will help to catch the mess and save piles of washing.

  6. Breaking Waters

    Pregnant women often get nervous about their waters breaking in bed, on the couch, in the car… or just about anywhere! Sleeping on a Bed Pad and having a couple of Chair Pads around will save your furniture and car and they can then be used for the bub when he or she arrives.

  7. Car Hire, Plane Rides and New Surroundings

    For those who experience incontinence, don’t be afraid to take Conni Bed and Chair Pads along on holidays, they are lightweight and fold down nice and small to fit in luggage.

  8. Breastfeeding

    Lots of mums like to breastfeed laying down which can mean milky wet patches and little vomit marks left in the bed. Conni Bed Pads are great to lay on when feeding and will absorb any leaks.

  9. Pets, Puppies and Animals

    When Bed and Chair Pads are not required anymore, they are great for use with fur babies! In the back of the car when they have been for a walk and got wet or muddy, on couches to save from footprints, under food and water bowls, in or under beds… the options are endless. If you don’t have a fur baby, your local animal shelter will love them as a donation. We do make a great puppy pad in 3 sizes, with the same awesome technology, but your unneeded Bed and Chair pads will do the same thing.

  10. Dish Drainer
    Conni Chair pads are great under a dish drainer, they take up to 800ml of fluid and will catch all the drips from clean dishes.

Have you got some other wonderful uses for our products? Let us know, we love to hear how you use our products!