Let's talk about leak-proof underwear.

The Continence Foundation of Australia notes that 1 in 4 Australians are in varying stages of incontinence. Stress, urge, light bladder loss, post-surgery and completely incontinent are just some of the terms you may have heard when it comes to living with incontinence.

So, how does Conni tie into assisting you with this? Well, that's precisely why we're here! Along with our Conni bedding, chair, floor and swim products, we also have a range of underwear designed for Men, Women and Children to assist with light ladder loss.

Here are some of the questions that we get on a regular basis when it comes to leak-proof underwear.

Is the Conni underwear like a pad? Do I need to wear anything else with them?

For light bladder loss, you can wear your Conni underwear on their own! The absorbent and waterproof gusset (that works exactly like a reusable pad) is built into the underwear, reducing bulk and offering a slim and discreet option.

Is the Conni underwear all cotton? I have sensitive skin.

Our Conni underwear range is made up of a cotton elastane outer and a micro-terry gusset built-in pad.

There's a misconception about cotton. Cotton, once wet, does not breathe and therefore can cause irritation on the skin and stays moist at the surface. The Conni underwear gusset is made of a microfibre, safe against the skin.

Is the Conni underwear waterproof?

Absolutely! The gusset of the underwear is not only absorbent but a completely waterproof backing.

What is the gusset made from to make it absorbent?

The gusset is made of a micro-terry gusset designed to absorb and wick away the fluid from irritating the skin.

I've had a little trouble with small leaks when I cough or sneeze, but I'm sick of using irritating disposable pads when an accident may not occur. Any tips?

Any of our leak-proof underwear can be used as an alternative to a light flow disposable pad. The underwear is designed to be used on their own. They feature our four-layer protection from the front waistband to the back of the waistband. Our reusable incontinence pads can also be used.

Dad recently had a prostatectomy and is experiencing leaks. He refuses to wear pads, but there are still small bits of fluid during the day.

We have an excellent solution! Conni Mens Oscar (brief) and Kalven (boxer) underwear are leak-proof, absorbent and designed to protect. Suitable for light incontinence and excessive perspiration, providing confidence for every-day, sports or post-surgery use.

My child is starting toilet training, and we want to transition out of day nappies into something that can catch little accidents if they occur. What do you have?

Say hello to our Conni Kids Tackers! These thin and discreet undies are designed for 'little' accidents and are useful during daytime toilet training. They also feature our four-layer protection from the front waistband to the back of the waistband.

Do you have anything like reusable pads I can use in my own underwear?

All of our Conni and Accalia reusable pads can be used in any brief-style underwear. We have both male and female style incontinence pads that come in a 2-pack and waterproof bag (perfect for changing on the go!). These liners are suitable for light bladder and/or bowel leakage and perspiration. For menstruation, our Accalia Reusable Pads come in black and a 3-pack and also have a waterproof bag.

I have issues with faecal smearing. Can I use the Conni underwear for this?

Absolutely! Our Men's, Women's (apart from the Active style) and Kids underwear all have absorbent and waterproof gussets that extend up the back of the underwear to ensure no marks will show through to your pants. They can be used for fecal smears and small bowel leaks.

I'm experiencing full voids of my bladder at night. Do you have anything of a higher capacity?

All of our underwear and pads are designed for light bladder loss, small leaks and light incontinence. For a solution for full bladder voids during the night, we would highly recommend the use of a Conni Bed Pad! Conni absorbent and waterproof bed pads assist in the management of incontinence, bedwetting and toilet training.

Our Conni Leak-proof underwear range can be purchased directly online and also with NDIS and various government funding schemes. There are also select council rebates for the purchase of reusable sanitary items. Call your local council to see if there are any rebates available in your area.

Have any other questions about the Conni range? Give us a call on 1300 721 710, email at sales@conni.com.au, DM us on Facebook or Instagram or chat to one of our customer service on the live chat option at the bottom of your screen.