Parents, guardians and fellow sleep-time warriors, it is time to rejoice!  Your feedback matters, and we’ve heard you loud and clear.  Introducing the latest addition to the Conni range - the Kids X-Wide Reusable Bed Pad!

Bedtime transforms into an extraordinary adventure with our Conni Kids X-Wide Reusable Bed Pad, adorned with the enchanting charm of both Unicorns and Dinosaurs.  Where frolicking unicorns meet the roar of dinosaurs, the combined magic of our new Kids X-Wide Bed Pad isn’t just about visuals - it turns nighttime toilet training into a hassle-free journey.  

Like all of our Reusable Bed Pads, the new Conni Kids X-Wide Bed Pad has been designed to be slept directly upon, helping to prevent complete bedding changes.  More often than not, only the bed pad requires changing, helping to minimise disturbances and prolonged awakenings for little ones through the night. 

Our X-Wide Bed Pads are the highest-absorbing products in the Conni range, with a generous size spanning the width of a Double and Queen size mattress.  Our four-layer technology shields against leaks, spills and liquids and with a less than 2% wick back rate, our thoughtfully crafted bed pads draw moisture away from the body, allowing for a more peaceful and restful night's sleep.

The twists and turns of active sleepers are also no match as the bed pad stays in place through the night, with its 60cm long tuck-ins on either side of the Bed Pad providing a lovely snug and secure fit. 

Our Reusable Bed Pads are machine washable and can be reused countless times, making them a cost-effective and environmentally sustainable alternative to disposable pads. Caring for your Bed Pad is easy. Simply pop your Bed Pad in the machine using a good quality detergent and hang it on the line to dry.  The sun’s UV rays act as a natural anti-bacterial, helping keep your Bed Pad fresh and hygienic. 

Don’t have a double or queen-sized bed for your little one? That’s okay! We have Conni Kids Bed Pads that can also fit a single and king-single bed, with the option of with or without tuck-ins.

If your little one dreams of being an acrobat and somersaults off the Bed Pad in the middle of the night, we recommend using the Micro Plush Mattress Protector as a backup for an extra layer of protection.  Providing waterproof protection to the top and sides of the mattress, our Micro Plush Mattress Protector can be slept directly upon, preventing the need to use extra linen. In fact, the entire Micro Plush range pairs perfectly with our Bed Pads for a complete bedding ensemble. Read our blog, The Layering Effect, for how to prepare the ideal Conni bed.

Our Reusable Bed Pads effectively support your child’s transition out of nighttime nappies, protect against leaks and spills and give you the peace of mind that the mattress is safeguarded.  Our new Kids X-Wide Bed Pad is the bedtime magic the whole family has longed for.

If you'd like to learn more about any of the products in the Conni range, please don't hesitate to contact us. You can chat with one of our friendly customer service representatives via phone at 1300 721 710, email us via the Contact Us page, or use our live chat service.