When it comes to bed protection for incontinence, you want to ensure you have all-round protection while offering comfort, limited washing and ease of changing when required.

Waterproof Mattress Protectors

First thing you want to protect is your mattress; these are often very expensive and are the hardest to clean. Covering your mattress with a waterproof bed sheet or waterproof mattress protector is always a good idea. Not only will it protect your mattress from incontinence, but it also keeps your mattress hygienic and prevents staining from sweat, drool, vomit and any other fluids that may end up on the bed. Many incontinence sheets for beds only protect the top of the mattress; sometimes, incontinence leaks can occur when sitting on the edge of the bed. Therefore it is essential to use a waterproof bed sheet/ mattress protector that protects both the top and sides of the mattress. Both our Conni Micro Plush and Toggle mattress protectors have all-round waterproof protection, including the top and sides of the mattress.

If you decide on the Conni Micro Plush fitted sheet you can choose to use this with or without a sheet on top, otherwise, pop a regular bed sheet on top of your mattress protector for comfort.

Bed Pads
If you live with incontinence, bed pads will be your greatest asset. Bed pads are designed to be slept directly on top of and offer specific area protection of your bed. They have an absorbent core and are designed to soak up and contain all the fluid while a waterproof backing will prevent fluids from reaching the sheet, helping reduce washing and offer a more comfortable rest. Bed pads come in a range of styles to suit different beds and needs. Please contact our Conni customer care team if you need advice on which of our Conni bed pads are best for your situation.

We suggest having at least two bed pads for someone who lives with incontinence; this way, you can have one on the bed and one in the wash. The beauty of a good bed pad is when you experience leaks, it is usually only the bed pad that will require washing, saving you from full bedding changes.

Not all bed pads are waterproof backed, and not all waterproof pads for beds are the same. See our previous blog about what makes a good bed pad here.

Conni Waterproof Quilt Cover
Our most recent addition to the Conni bedding range is our Conni Waterproof Quilt Cover.
This comes after many customers have found that while they have the protection on the mattress, the doona is what can become most wet.

The waterproofing of the quilt cover will remove the risk of fluid penetrating through to your doona or quilt. Sleep with the vented side on top and snaps at the foot end of the bed. Our quilt cover is available in three sizes and two neutral colours, place your quilt inside the quilt cover and secure the snaps. Can be used with or without an additional sheet.

Additional protection:

Pillow Protectors
When it comes to complete bedding protection, your pillows are just as important as the rest of your bed.

The waterproof and absorbent pillow protectors keep your pillows hygienic and stain free which will increase the life of your pillow. The Micro-Plush style, in particular, is the perfect product for excessive drooling and sweating.

We always talk about protecting your investment. Mattresses, good quality quilts/doonas and pillows are expensive and something you want to protect where you can.

Any other questions regarding our Conni range? Contact us via our live chat, contact us section or by calling us on 1300 721 710.