“I’ve got a mattress protector...do I also need a bed pad?”

This is a question we get more often than you might think!

There are two main differences when it comes to a bed pad and a waterproof mattress protector:

A bed pad is designed to hold a full void of fluid and can be used as an alternative to a disposable pull-up at night. Our waterproof mattress protectors are designed to keep your bed hygienic and stain-free, increasing the life of your mattress.

Bed Pad: If you live with incontinence, bed pads will be your greatest asset. Bed pads are designed to be slept directly on top of and offer specific area protection for your bed. They have an absorbent core and are designed to soak up and contain all the fluid, while a waterproof backing will prevent fluids from reaching the sheet, giving you a more comfortable rest and saving you time washing and drying your bedding.

Bed pads come in a range of styles to suit different beds and needs. Please contact our Conni customer care team if you need advice on which of our Conni bed pads are best for your situation. For added convenience, our Bed Pads also come in 2-packs, which assists greatly in reducing your time in the laundry and allows for quick changes.

Mattress Protector: The first thing you want to protect is your mattress; these are often very expensive and are the hardest to clean. Covering your mattress with a waterproof bed sheet or waterproof mattress protector is always a good idea. Not only will it protect your mattress from incontinence, but it also prevents staining from sweat, drool, vomit and any other fluids that may end up on the bed, thus keeping your mattress hygienic.

Many incontinence sheets for beds only protect the top of the mattress; sometimes, incontinence leaks can occur when sitting on the edge of the bed. Therefore, it is essential to use a premium waterproof bed sheet/mattress protector that protects both the top and sides of the mattress.

Our Conni Micro-Plush Fitted Sheet offers both waterproof and absorbent protection. It is really comfortable to sleep directly upon, or you may opt to place a normal fitted sheet over the top. The Waterproof Mattress Protector comes with handy toggles on each corner, which when drawn create a snug and secure fit. This particular mattress protector is wonderful for adjustable beds and for people with dexterity concerns.

Both our Conni Micro-Plush and Toggle Mattress Protectors have all-around waterproof protection, including the top and sides of the mattress and come in all bedding sizes.

To answer the question from the beginning; if you are experiencing full voids during the night, it is suggested that you use both a bed pad AND a mattress protector. If you are looking at just protecting your mattress and do not have full voids, a mattress protector is all you need.

And, remember, our Customer Care team is always here to help. We can assist you in finding your perfect mattress protection. Contact us here.
If you have any suggestions, please drop us a line at hello@conni.com.au or via the contact us page.