Preparing for a holiday or long-weekend getaway is an exciting time. However, we often get overwhelmed by the anticipation for what is to come. So, it is no surprise that we find ourselves in the situation of standing at the airport searching for our passports or arriving at our destination only to realise we left something important behind.

Planning is a vital part of heading away, and for the majority of us, it doesn't usually get too complicated. But, what if you are travelling with incontinence? How do you ensure that you can avoid an embarrassing situation? Incontinence should never prevent anyone from enjoying time away, children going to school camp or having sleepovers at their best friend's place!

Holiday lists can involve plenty of activities; driving in the car, swimming, long walks exploring. It's essential to cover all of your bases when planning your trip. Thinking about how long you'll be away and when and where you'll need that extra protection.

So, let's plan your holiday!

Travelling to your destination:

Mapping your route and making regular stops can assist in the management of your incontinence. To further support you on your journey, the Conni Chair Pads are the perfect product for when you're in the car, especially for long stints.
Our Chair Pads are waterproof and absorbent and protect you from the effects of incontinence and excessive perspiration. The Conni Chair Pad will protect the seating in your vehicle but can also be used for your wheelchair and general furniture once you have arrived.

Often we are faced with long stints on the road during our travels. And that is where our Reusable Underwear comes in handy! The Conni Underwear range offer excellent protection against light leaks. All styles across our Men's, Ladies and Kids ranges have four layers of waterproof material that extends from the front waistband through the gusset to the back waistband. Our Conni Ladies Actives are the only style that are specifically in the middle gusset section.

If you experience urge incontinence, such as when you arrive at your location, our Reusable Liners are also available for Ladies and Men who need that little extra protection.

At your destination:

If you're in a new space, it's important to feel protected. Hotels or nights away in a new bed can be daunting. Our Conni Bed Pads are designed to be slept directly upon and give you the confidence to have a restful sleep without the worry of soiling the bed. Conni Bed Pads have a liquid capacity of four bladder voids over 8 hours and prevent the need to strip the entire bed after an accident.
We want to make a special mention of our incredible Bed Pad Fitted Sheet. It's one super savvy product! The Bed Pad Fitted Sheet is discreetly built into the fitted sheet and makes for the perfect option for children going on school camps or nights away at a mate's place.

The Micro Plush Flat Sheet is also a great addition to your travel needs. You can use this versatile sheet between you and the doona cover to ensure no leaks penetrate the top layers when you are sleeping. Our Micro Plush Flat Sheet can be used to create a barrier between you and the couch, rug or armchair, giving you the confidence to relax and be comfortable in all areas you take a break in.

If you're at the beach, river, or the venue has a pool or spa, we have got you covered there too! The Conni Containment Swim Shorts have a built-in brief and draw-string toggles at the waist and legs to help contain any bowel or bladder voids. Adults and Children can feel supported in the water allowing everyone to enjoy themself freely and confidently. 

And, don't forget! As the sun sets and you embark on that great walk on the pier or under the canopies of Australia's stunning Gum trees or Japan's Cherry Blossoms, your trusted Conni undies are with you the whole way! 

Heading home:

Packing your bags for the journey home can be fraught with as much anxiety as the day you were leaving. Rest assured the Conni Range of products are entirely reusable and manageable. You can pop your Conni products in on a cold wash and line dry if you have laundry facilities at your holiday location. If you cannot wash your items, place them in a waterproof bag to keep them separate for the journey home.

Often we are exhausted after an eventful trip. The idea of unpacking and washing takes away the joy we have just experienced. Thankfully, our Bed Pads are available in 2-packs, and we offer multi-buy discounts all year round to ensure you have everything you need and are never left unprepared.

Whether the challenge is light, occasional leaks or heavier full voids, careful planning and the correct products to support you can ensure everyone has a great time from beginning to end! And, the Conni range is precisely what you need.

If you need assistance selecting the right product for you, our Customer Service Team is here to help via phone at 1300 721 710, live chat or contact us via email.