Believe it or not, when it comes to leak proof underwear, there is a big difference between period proof undies and pee proof undies… it all comes down to absorbency capacity, AKA, how much fluid the undies have to soak up.

When it comes to periods, the average blood loss per cycle is 35ml – 40ml over 3–7 days. Even at the heavier end of a “normal” period, it’s only about 80ml. Provided you are changing your pads or underwear every 4–6 hours, on your heavier days, the maximum absorbency required for a regular cycle is between 12ml and 20ml. Our Accalia period proof undies and pads are designed specifically for menstrual use and have adequate absorbency for the average menstrual flow.

For someone experiencing light bladder loss (stress incontinence or overflow incontinence), pee proof underwear is required as urine loss is usually much greater than a period. That’s why our Conni pee proof underwear and incontinence pads have a much higher absorbency capacity than our Accalia period proof underwear.

Conni Pee Proof Range:

Classic - Our best-seller in the Conni Ladies range. Classics feature our four-layer absorbent and leak proof protection from the front waistband all the way to back waistband. Perfect for stress or overflow incontinence, light incontinence and light leaks. Amazing!

Chantilly - Our Conni Chantilly boast the same four-layer absorbent and leak proof protection from the front waistband all the way to back waistband just like the Classics. The main difference is the addition of lace on the leg openings...super cute and full protection at the same time? Yes, please! 

Active - Forget ever having to wear another disposable liner for those 'just in case' accidents ever again. This leak-proof underwear is the PERFECT alternative to wearing a liner, the Active have an absorbent section in the gusset (exactly where you'd place a liner) and are a favourite for everyday activities. 

Accalia Period Proof Range:

Eve - Maximum capacity and coverage, Eve underwear has ultra-slim absorbent and leak proof protection from the front waistband through the gusset to the back waistband. Comfortable, breathable and flexible, perfect for night and day use. These are the Accalia best selling favourite!

Oriana - Comfortable, breathable and not unlike regular undies, Oriana is perfect for everyday life activities, with ultra-slim absorbent and leak proof protection in the gusset and back of the garment, Oriana can be used every day menstruating or not... no need to worry about unpredictable periods, panty liners or bulky pads on lighter days, Oriana will have your back!

Aliya - The magic of Aliya is a hidden “bridge” inside the gusset, the bridge is designed to discreetly secure pad wings in while the underwear offers back up for those little “oops” moments. They are perfect paired with washable menstrual pads.

So, if you’re experiencing light bladder leakage and want a leak proof washable, reusable underwear, the Conni range is for you, these can also be used for menstruation if you wish. But if you’re wanting leak proof period underwear only for your monthly cycle, the Accalia range is designed specifically for this!

If you need any more information or advice, reach out, we are here to help you choose the best garment for you!