Nowadays, there are tons of options when it comes to managing incontinence and light bladder loss. But how do you choose between disposable and reusable? Here are a few things to consider:

  1. Cost
  2. Environmental Impact
  3. Effectivity
  4. Comfort
  5. Convenience



  1. COST

Over time, the ongoing costs of using disposable products can become extreme. See a cost-comparison between reusable and absorbent underwear below.


Incontinence Products Usage & Costs



Changes Per Day



Cost Per Item



Cost Per Day



Cost Per Year (changes per day x cost per item x 365)



Laundry Costs Per Year (2 loads per week)



Total Cost Per Year



  1. 4 reusable underwear replaced every 2 years
  2. $120 (4 items) / 365 (days/year) / 2 (lasts 2 years) = $0.16
  3. 4 items at $30 which last 2 years = $60 per year
  4. Top loader washing machine, 100% washes in cold water (19°C), Cost of gas $1.40 ($/therm), Cost electricity $0.30 (per kWh), Cost of water $2.00/kilolitre, Cost of detergent $0.20/load, 2 loads per week dedicated to incontinence products (



We all know that we should be doing everything we can to reduce, reuse and recycle in these modern times, so why should incontinence products be any different?


Continuing with the example above, using a disposable pull up 4 times per day over the course of a year would result in 1,460 pull ups/ nappies in the landfill compared to the 4 reusable underwear that might get tossed after two years. A person suffering from incontinence for 10+ years would be contributing over 14,600 pull ups vs. 40 reusable. That’s a lot of rubbish!


In addition to less disposable pull up waste, Conni is passionate about lowering our carbon footprint as often as possible. Our range is developed in response to consumer demand and we are proud that our manufacturing processes are free of PVC, latex, and formaldehyde. We support an environmentally conscious packaging policy and are striving to hit our target of 100% no plastic packaging and are already 90% there!



What kind of incontinence do you suffer from? Do you experience stress or urge incontinence? Do you drip a little here and there during certain activities or do you experience a complete void without warning?

Depending on what kind of incontinence you experience, you may need less coverage than you think. For those of us that deal with the frustration of peeing a little when we sneeze or exercise, reusable underwear or pads might be all you require to catch those few mls of wee.  For light leakage (or Light Bladder Loss), a full disposable might be too bulky and hold far more liquid than necessary.*

If you are only experiencing a full void at night, a reusable bed pad can be a wonderful alternative to a bulky disposable as they will wick away moisture from the body preventing dangerous urinary tract infections and allowing for easy cleanup!

*Please note that Conni reusable underwear should not be used as a replacement for a diaper as they will not contain a full void at once.



For most, disposable pull ups can cause a lot of discomforts, both physically and mentally.  Bacterial infections are one of the biggest issues with wearing soaked textiles so close to the body. Since pull ups are so thick and can hold so much liquid, they are not quick to dry leaving the skin susceptible to infection.

Not only are disposable pull ups bulky and uncomfortable, but they can give the wearer a sense of self-consciousness and insecurity. Conni reusable products help restore your confidence, by offering comfortable, discreet protection with superior functionality.



With Conni reusable incontinence products, you don’t have to sacrifice convenience for protection. Our reusable insert pads with waterproof pouch allow you to swap out pads with ease, keeping your underwear dry throughout the day. The absorbent underwear can be worn as a backup to the insert pad or on their own to catch any light leakage throughout the day. For nighttime protection, sleep right on top of one of our micro-fibre bed pads to catch a full volume of wee without ever doing another unnecessary complete bed change. Simply throw them in the wash when you’re done using them!



Conni is a leading brand of reusable incontinence products & toilet training aides. Known for superior technology and discreet comfort, our range of products is fully washable, making them environmentally sustainable, cost-effective and easy to use.