How often have you walked past your laundry and cannot see the floor? Does anyone else have a chair with a new purpose of being a clothes hanger? Washing in winter certainly poses challenges… especially if you’re living in Victoria like us! Effectively drying your clothes and linen, particularly when it comes to specialised items like your Conni products, can feel like a daunting task, especially if you need them. 

Based on other customers and our personal ways of keeping Conni products always on hand, we wanted to share some of our laundry routines, to keep your Conni products in top shape…even during the coldest months.  So, let the Conni team help you tackle the winter laundry woes and ensure your Conni items remain fresh and functional.

  1. Warmth is your friend:  Utilising your heating to your advantage (when being used), by placing your clotheshorses or airers nearby or under or over ducts to capture that cozy, warm air and assist in speeding up the drying process.
  2. Harness the sunshine:  When the sun comes out to play, get your Conni’s out! Position clothes horses in front of a window or out on a pergola/ balcony/ porch to bask in the sunlight.  The sun’s rays help dry your items and act as a natural antibacterial, keeping your Conni products fresh and clean.
  3. Give them some air: Hang your Conni products with enough space between them to allow proper air circulation. This helps to quicken the drying time and reduces the risk of odours getting trapped in the fibres.
  4. To tumble dry or not: An excessively high heat can be a nightmare when it comes to your Conni products (or any products!). Avoid using the tumble dryer on high heat, as it can compromise the waterproof material and cause fibres to distort and shrink.  If you must use the dryer, keep it to a low temperature of less than 80 degrees.  Another option is to partially dry your Conni products using a clotheshorse first before popping them in the dryer to finish off.
  5. Reduce your washing when you can: While Conni Underwear and Containment Swim Shorts should be laundered after each wear for optimal hygiene, items like our Mattress Protectors, Bed Pads, Chair Pads and Floor Mats can be washed less frequently.  Only wash them if they come into contact with urine or faeces or show visible signs of soiling.  If they remain clean, you can confidently use them again the following day and follow a similar wash cycle to your other bedding linen.  For your Conni Floor Mats, a simple vacuum in between washes is an effective way to keep them fresh and tidy, as long as they are dry and regularly aired after use. 
  6. Be ready for quick changes:  We encourage you to have a few spares on hand for quick changes, especially during those chilly winter nights.  Having a couple of extra Bed Pads or Undies, in particular, ensures you’re always ready for any situation and prepared for the cold. 

And to our friends in the Northern half of Australia, we haven’t forgotten about you!  While you may be able to escape the cold for most of the year, we know humidity can be challenging.  To help combat moisture, leave your room doors open to allow air to escape and turn on a fan to increase airflow through the room where possible.  Avoid opening windows, as outside humidity can keep your Connis damp.

So, whether you are battling chilly winter days or hot and humid temperatures, follow our suggestions to help keep your Conni products in great condition and ready for whatever life throws your way.