With Mother’s Day approaching, it reminds us to honour the beautiful Mums and significant women in our lives who are often selfless, putting the needs of others above their own.  They are the ones who provide us with comfort and reassurance when times are tough and who help us celebrate our achievements. Even when we are all grown up, no longer living under the same roof or are parents ourselves, our mums continue to be a source of comfort and strength.

Even though mums are incredibly strong and resilient, it’s natural to need some extra help and support, especially when becoming a Mum for the first time. 

Read what Conni products the Conni Mums would have loved to have had on hand when becoming a new parent. 

Narelle (NDIS Representative)

As a mother of two adult children, I wish I had known about Conni when they were little!  Picturing my babies laying on the floor, kicking free in the nude on top of a Conni Bed Pad.  This would have saved me from scrubbing and mopping up the pee from the floor on more than one occasion. 

Then, I think of the Conni Anti Slip Floor Mat. Wow! That would have prevented endless tears from kids slipping and sliding over the water-drenched and slippery bathroom floor. 

Melanie (Customer Service)

 I remember the challenging experience of becoming a new Mum.  It was a difficult time both physically and emotionally. Having experienced giggle incontinence as a child, I was faced with enduring a weak bladder once again.  Now working for Conni, I cannot go past my Conni Classics.  I so wish I had known about these back when my son was born!  The discreet design and protection they provide would have made a big difference in managing postpartum bleeding and my light bladder leaks. 

After tackling nighttime toilet training recently using the Conni Reusable Bed Pad, my head races with the many different ways I could have used this amazing product when my son was a newborn.  The changetable, the floor and in bed; the Bed Pad would have saved so much time in the laundry!  Something important for new Mums.  Now, I am so grateful for working for Conni as it has granted me access to such incredible products which I not only use myself and in my home, but spruik to my friends and family.

Alanna (Logistics)

Many years ago, before working at Conni, when I had my first child, I was gifted a Conni Bed Pad. It was invaluable and I wished I had many more of them then. I lived in North Queensland and it was the hot wet season, my baby spent plenty of time on the Bed Pad nappy-free. Whenever it was clean, I would sleep on it at night to save my sheets from the excess milk or pop my baby on it after the shower or a swim. Later it was used for vomiting and toilet training too and then used for my second baby for all the same things.

10 years later, I was pregnant with my third baby, I was working for Conni and knew exactly what I wanted to prepare for my new baby, top of my list were:

  • Large Conni Chair Pads to be used on the changing table, under my car seat, in the pram and my nappy bag
  • Bed Pads to be used on the bed and floor
  • Classic undies (used with pads) for post-birth

And every item was used, over and over and over.

Andrea (Warehouse Leader)

I first discovered Conni bed pads after a recommendation from another mum in my mother's group when I was toilet training my first child. They made nighttime accidents so much easier to tackle at all hours of the night when half asleep for both myself and my child. 

Now that my boys no longer use these on their beds we have found so many uses for them over the years; floor covering when tummy bugs have been present, couch coverings for grubby dogs and car seat protectors for wet sandy bums after the beach. We have now expanded on many other Conni products around the home, including the Pet Pads for our 2 furry children.

So whether it be new or old Mums, Mums of fur children or non-furry ones, Conni has something for everyone.

To help celebrate all of the amazing women in our world we are having an incredible Mother’s Day Sale.  Receive 20% off our Ladies and Kid's ranges when you spend over $120 using your coupon mothersday20. Sales conditions apply. Sale ends Sunday 14th May at 11:59pm.

And, a note to all the Mums out there - anything you buy this week can be classed as a Mother’s Day pressie!

If you would like to learn more about our products in the Conni range, contact us and chat with one of our friendly customer service representatives via phone at 1300 721 710, email us via the contact us page or live chat.