The Conni range of products is not only spread through customer referrals and word of mouth. Hard-working Continence Nurses, Home Care Package Providers, Mobility Specialists, and the NDIS community help promote the Conni brand and have continually supported us through our 20 years.

On the 15th of February, 2023 and as we have in previous years, we gave back to these selfless individuals by holding a day-long conference where we embrace, empower, rejuvenate and give back to these fantastic people through inspiring speakers and community conversations. 

This incredible event occurred at the Flying Brick Cider Co in Wallington, Victoria, providing the perfect space for learning, growing and networking.  

A point of difference acknowledged by the delegates was the variety of speakers on the day. The day began with educational presentations by continence nurses Kate Sloan and Monica Harrop and heartfelt talks from Dinesh Palipana, Geraldine Cox and Claire Ashman.

Kate spoke of the impactful changes she has seen in the industry through her career as a Continence Nurse. Her dedicated work has taken her to Ethiopia, where she highlighted the cultural and professional differences, low resources and working conditions in such an environment. Assisting young girls and women with their incontinence needs was welcomed, and these individuals value the ongoing support they receive from Kate and her colleagues. Hearing Kate’s story was a truly eye-opening experience for all.

Dinesh was the first quadriplegic medical intern in Queensland and the second person to graduate medical school with quadriplegia in Australia. His journey from childhood in Sri Lanka to discovering his passions in Australia following his harrowing experience from able-bodied to quadriplegia was moving and thought-provoking. Dinesh’s career as a doctor has taught him much perspective where he focuses on “changing one world at a time”. 

Monica’s humorous and down-to-Earth presentation had our attendees on the edge of their seats. “No experience in the world of children will make a child pee or poo on cue” was one of her opening lines. During her toilet training presentation, Monica asked, “What is the right age?” and “Who’s responsibility is it?”  While venturing into the trials and tribulations of toilet training, Monica also expressed concern over using consistent toilet-training methods, the technology and function of disposable nappies and the challenges some families face. Monica’s insight into the world of toilet training and her willingness to share her knowledge on this subject was undoubtedly appreciated.

Geraldine is widely known as M’Day Thom (Big Mum) after the military coup in Cambodia in 1997. Her bravery during this time formed the basis of her prominent humanitarian reputation. Geraldine “lives for obstacles” as she dedicates her time to readying the children in her care for adult life. Geraldine’s eye-opening and draw-dropping recounts from her corporate career to founding Sunrise Cambodia, where she mentors the children in her care, had our attendees laughing, crying, reflecting and questioning. Geraldine’s inspiring life story captured everyone in the room.

After a delicious lunch prepared by the clever chefs at Flying Brick Cider Co, Claire Ashman delivered an honest and revealing talk about her life experience as a member of the Order of Saint Charbel and living in one of the group’s communities for ten years before leaving in 2006. Claire does not like living in a rut and encourages others to participate daily in something challenging. Claire has learnt to question everything, which has led her to study a Bachelor of Arts in Religion, Anthropology and Modern History. 

The day ended with a product information session which included an in-depth Q & A with Conni founder Glenys, GM Norm and Customer Service Manager Shalbi.  Glenys shared her Conni story from that first container at her home and working from her back bedroom to where Conni is today. Glenys also revealed some of her product testing methods, including running a lawn mower over one of our Anti-Slip Floor Mats! Her ongoing relationships within the continence industry led to the expansion from the humble Bed Pad to the Conni range. “The industry drove the range and the change”. 

Twenty-four of our delegates were thrilled to leave with special prizes kindly donated by generous businesses, including Conni. After the event, it was evident that all in attendance had a renewed sense of self and excitement and had formed some excellent new connections.

The Conni team feel honoured to have created such an inspiring day where we celebrate our hard-working Health Community. 

We also give Special Thanks to the following business for their generous support and donations:

Be Bangles, Canningvale, Bellarine Bee Wraps, Natio and Saint Belford.