I’m sure many of us have looked at a brown mark on the bed or couch and asked, “Is that Chocolate?” only knowing all too well that it most likely isn’t.

When we talk or hear about incontinence, our thoughts typically turn to bladder incontinence.  We can only assume this because bladder incontinence is more prevalent, and talking about wee is more comfortable than discussing poo. 

Bowel or faecal incontinence involves involuntary leakage from the bowel or uncontrolled bowel motion.  It can have a significant impact on a person’s quality of life, sometimes causing anxiety and can affect the person’s daily routine at any time and place!

A Conni customer service representative has a dear friend who struggled with bowel incontinence due to Crohn's disease for years. She would have to take multiple changes of clothes to work and would not want to leave home on the weekends. She would put garbage bags and towels on her car seats to protect against potential accidents.  In her words, “It really was a pain in the butt!”  While she had a great sense of humour and was open about her situation with her colleagues and friends, it was still a stressful and upsetting situation for her. 

Unfortunately, many people with bowel issues do not speak up about their struggles, and bowel incontinence is more common than many realise. According to Healthdirect Australia, 1 in 20 people experience poor bowel control, and 1-3% of children can experience soiling.

As detailed by the Mayo Clinic, bowel incontinence has various causes, including nerve damage, damage to the anal sphincter muscles, diarrhea, constipation and rectal prolapse. Other conditions such as Irritable Bowel Disease (IBS), haemorrhoids, Chron’s Disease and bowel cancer can also be the cause of bowel incontinence.

At Conni, we understand how challenging bowel incontinence can be, and we offer a wide range of products to provide protection, support and comfort.

The Conni Bed Pads are our highest-absorbing products in the Conni range and are designed to be slept directly upon. They provide so much convenience and help prevent the need to strip the entire bed should a void occur throughout the night. 

Our reusable Chair Pads are so convenient when lounging at home or taking a car trip. They are available in two sizes and feature rubberised dots to prevent the pad from slipping.  They provide discreet protection and are easily machine-washed.

Our Micro Plush range is ideal for those experiencing light bowel voids and smears. These products provide luxurious mattress protection and are so soft they can be slept directly on.  Our new Charcoal collection can offer a discreet solution against bowel voids.

The Conni range of Reusable Underwear provides proven protection against faecal smears and light faecal incontinence. Alternatively, our Conni Pull-Ons support larger deposits of faecal matter and full bowel voids.

We understand and appreciate that many struggle with bowel incontinence and the considerable effect this can have on daily life and well-being. We continue to listen and consider your feedback as we offer a broad selection of products to offer practical and comfortable solutions to manage your incontinence needs.

If you would like to learn more about any products in the Conni range, contact us and chat with one of our friendly customer service representatives by phone at 1300 721 710, email via the Contact Us page, or live chat.