Did you know that you can use our Micro Plush Mattress Protector as a motorbike cover?  Well, we certainly didn’t think of this until one of our very loyal customers proudly mentioned how fantastic it works. 

In conversation with our amazing customers, we usually discuss the specific function our products are designed for. Yet, the beauty of the Conni range is that our vast collection of products can be used in so many different ways and settings.  They really are a versatile bunch!  So, we are sharing the amazing alternative uses with you so that you can make the most of your Conni products. 

When we think of family, friends and neighbours coming to stay or casually popping in for a visit (how many prefer a phone call beforehand?), we tend to turn our minds to our homes. 

We have all been there, and as far as we are concerned, prevention is key! Control the environment, as they say!

Let’s take a look at this gorgeous little one as an example! 

Sandwich crumbs don’t get far with our Reusable Bed Pad in Teal Blue!

As you can see, our Reusable Bed Pad (without Tuck-Ins) has been used as a super-large place mat! Your furniture is completely protected from any spills and food drops.  Liquids and juices are absorbed by the super absorbent face, while the waterproof backing prevents spills from penetrating through to your furniture and rugs. #ConniKidProof

Our Reusable Bed Pads measure 85cm x 95cm and can also be used under play mats and for your littlies tummy time.  Mums will also find our Reusable Bed Pads comfortable during labour and breastfeeding. The perfect Baby Shower gift!

When it comes to our Chair Pads, with their recent makeover featuring rubberised dots to help prevent the pad from moving, we can really think outside the box!  They are not only ideal for your armchair.  But it can be used in the car, on bub’s change table, in the kitchen, and even when enjoying arts and crafts!  Our Tartan Chair Pad has been used as the perfect painting mat in this case, while our Charcoal Chair Pad has turned into the best dish drying mat.

And we certainly can’t forget about furry friends. Our IT member, Gaurav, takes his little fur-nephew out for drives and walks often.  Milo is certainly enjoying his ride while sitting comfortably on our small Conni Chair Pad in Teal Blue.  Milo loves the Chair Pad so much that he has one for the couch too!

Our Pet Pads are a must for our fur children and don’t necessarily need to be used just as a pee mat!  They also offer great protection in whelping boxes, in kennels, on furniture and beds and under food and water bowls.

In addition to meeting your incontinence needs, our products make everyday tasks easier.

Dinar, who belongs to our incredible Graphic Designer, Ash, cannot resist our comfy Pet Pads.

As we continue exploring Conni’s Reusable Pad collection, our recently introduced Allrounder Pad is just that!  An allrounder!  This amazing product is one of our best-selling products in the Conni range.  It is great for kids as a Bed Pad during toilet training, a vertical Bed Pad when sharing the bed with a partner, a play mat for all ages and arts and crafts.  It is also the perfect size for the backseat of the car or car boot!  Just ask Leroy’s Mum, Narelle!  Narelle, from our Customer Service team, loves how our Allrounder protects the backseat of the car from muddy paws and a sandy belly after Leroy has been on a trip to the park or beach.

The Allrounder (like all of the products in the Conni range) is so easy to wash that many members of the Conni team use it to help protect cars, furniture and beds from pet fur, drool and wees.

Ash’s adorable cat, Dex, certainly loves snuggling into the Allrounder Pad in Mauve.

After big plays at the park, Leroy looks forward to snuggling up on his Allrounder Pad in Charcoal with the super fluffy pillow he got for his birthday!

When Melanie from our Customer Service team decided to bring an Allrounder home, the intention was to use it in the car.  However, Rosie decided to test it out first.  We think she finds it pretty comfy!

If needing a simple throw cover for a large sofa or recliner, our Micro Plush Flat Sheet is the perfect solution.  The soft polyester face is slightly absorbent and so luxurious you can sit or lay directly upon it.  It also features a waterproof backing, preventing any spills or leaks from penetrating through to your furniture. Perfect for when Grandad nods off with his cuppa still in his hand!

And let’s explore how to use our Micro Plush Flat Sheet further.  How many parents have walked into this?

Imagine our Micro Plush Flat Sheet as a base and a roof.  This amazing product is no match for popcorn, little sweaty bodies and sneaky pets who invade in the middle of the night!

Speaking of the middle of the night, Santa is soon to visit, and Christmas trees are going up.  Our Anti-Slip Floor Mats are the ideal base for your tree.  The anti-slip backing and low profile ensure the mat sit firm and flat on the floor, and the face just needs a quick vacuum when those pine needles drop. And look at how our Long Runners save the floors from any crazy rockers out there!

The drum kit is no match for our Anti-Slip Long Runners in Charcoal.

With four sizes available, our Anti-Slip Floor Mats are a wonderful addition to any home, office, garage or caravan!

So, as you can see, there are some excellent ways you can make the most of your Connis!  Although, we couldn’t quite think of how else to use the Undies!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Customer Service Team.  You can reach us via email, sales@conni.com.au, phone at 1300 721 710 or our live webchat service on our website.