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Discreet Packaging

At Conni, we recognize the sensitivity often associated with certain product purchases. We take immense pride in our commitment to our customers, extending our consideration to every aspect, including the delivery experience. Our utmost priority is to ensure that our products are discreetly and responsibly packaged upon arrival.

To minimize our environmental footprint, we exclusively employ mailing cartons made from 70% to 100% recycled materials that are fully recyclable. Our smaller mailers, known as Hero Packs, are a remarkable solution, being 100% home-compostable. They are crafted from a blend of 70-80% PBAT, a co-polymer entirely compostable, and 20-30% PLA, a bioplastic derived from cornstarch. Moreover, our use of paper tape on our boxed packages facilitates the recycling of outer parcels, contributing to a more sustainable packaging process.