OSFM Trial Pack (includes 2 OSFM nappies)

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Choosing a modern cloth nappy can be challenging... we get it!
Here is a great way for you to test out if cloth nappies are for you.

Each trial pack also includes a $35 voucher that can be redeemed against any ConniBubs product on our shop.

Each Trial Pack includes:

Trial Pack 1 comes with:

Trial Pack 2 comes with:

Trial Pack 3 comes with:

This is a limited time offer.
1 Trial pack per customer (delivery address)

The dirty truth behind disposables:

Disposable nappies take between 100 and 500 years for the plastics to break down in landfill

3.75 million disposable nappies are used each day across Australia and New Zealand
Each disposable nappy takes approximately 1 cup of crude oil to manufacture. A child uses approximately 6000 disposables this = 1500 Litres of crude oil per child in disposables

Even biodegradable disposables can take decades to break down in landfill.

We would love you to go 100% cloth, however, we understand that this isn’t always easy or practical. If you are going to use a combination of cloth and disposable there are many options for biodegradable disposable nappies.
Remember, every time you use a Conni Bubs reusable cloth nappy, one less disposable goes into landfill.

We do our bit for the environment too, Conni products are manufactured in modern efficient factories that adhere to the Sedex social compliance accreditation.
We minimize unnecessary transport wherever possible and all of our packaging is either reusable or recyclable.

The Conni Story

Conni has been Australia’s most trusted and leading brand of reusable and machine washable incontinence management products for more than 15 years. Our team operates from our head office in Geelong Australia and we distribute all over the world and to every state and territory of Australia.

Conni is committed to value and reliability. We are sensitive about incontinence and promise to deliver innovative products to meet the changing needs of our valued customers.

We pride ourselves on having a customer focus mindset along with holding our environmental values highly.
Conni is certified by Oeko-Tex standard 100 and we ensure our factories meet the highest standards in staff welfare and environmental outcomes.

We are pleased to be able to assist you in your efforts to improve your quality of life and continence management.

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