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IQ Cath 14Fr Non-Hydrophilic Flexible Silicone Tip Box of 30

IQ Cath 14Fr Non-Hydrophilic Flexible Silicone Tip Box of 30

IQ Cath is an ideal catheter for someone who is catheterising for life. It is gentle on insertion but easy to get through strictures and all the features you expect, Smooth eyelets, gentle tip and hands free packaging.

Traditionally catheters are either soft or hard. A soft catheter is gentle at the tip but can easily kink. a hard catheter is easy for insertion but with a higher risk of injury

IQ Cath combines the best of these 2 catheter types into one:

soft, gentle flexible silicone tip

5cm flexible zone after the silicone tip enhances the insertion of the catheter

Stiff shaft to assist with easy insertion

Able to easily negotiate strictures, micro-traumas, scarring and enlarged prostrate.

IQ Cath comes in sizes 10-18 French and is 43cm long, there are non-lubricated, Gel-lubricated, Hydrophilic and bag version of this catheter.

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