Making the switch or starting your journey with reusable cloth nappies can be a tricky thing for some. Whether you're going to be using cloth nappies full time, part-time or just at home, it’s important to do your research and know what to expect. 

What better start to your research than to read about a first-time mama and her young son who have used the Conni Bubs modern cloth nappies part-time since he left the womb. Saskia, a childcare worker (and her son Finley) sat down with Christy from the Conni team, to answer some frequently asked questions and give some in-depth experience on using cloth nappies

Christy: What was your experience with the newborn nappies initially?

Saskia: Initially, I thought “this is difficult” but was determined to make them work. It was really about figuring out how they best fit your kid. Because Finley is such a fine baby, the issue was his legs. I had to make sure I was pulling them up higher so they fit his legs better. Once I got them sorted for him it was fine and they worked.

Figuring out how tight, where they should be and knowing that they aren't disposables and they won’t last forever is important to know. I was finding 2 of the AIO would last the same as 1 really full disposable. However, he is a big wee’er.

C: Would you say you really had to change your expectations of reusables?

S: Yes, I would. When he was quite small and I was expecting a poo, I would put him in a disposable because I didn’t have the bamboo liners, but now I would use the reusable.

C: Do you put it all in the bin or do you empty it in the bin and just throw away the liner?

S: I’ll empty it in the bin and then throw away the liner.

C: Which nappies are you using now?

S: One size fits most is what we are in now and I feel that they could last forever. We accidentally left him in the one size fits most overnight from about 9 o'clock. I checked him around 3 or 4 thinking if he had wet through it wouldn’t be a big deal, we would just change it. However, he hadn’t leaked through, not even his suit was wet.

C: Do you think that the people who are starting out, having not used reusables can use them?

S: I think it is easy for everyone to do at home. We don’t go through anywhere near as many disposables as our friends and we never run out.

C: Do you feel that you have made a lot of savings?

S: Yes, we have found that we have saved a lot. He'll now go through two OSFM nappies during the day and the AIO just before he goes into the bath.
In the morning we put him in OSFM, change around midday into another OSFM, around late afternoon, unless he has had a poo, we put him in an AIO. At the moment I use a combination of reusable and disposables but I can see myself using only reusables the older he gets especially during toilet training.

C: Is there anything you have found difficult using cloth nappies?

S: I found the overlapping buttons on the OSFM difficult and confusing. Finley hates getting changed so trying to do up the buttons whilst he was wriggling was difficult.

C: What were the things you wished you knew at the start that you know now?

S: That there was a transition period and that it wasn’t as easy as I had initially thought. It took about 2 weeks to figure out how to properly fit them.

Knowing that you aren’t failing from the start, it just takes time to figure it out. They really do have to be customised to your baby. Give yourself even a month to really get down pat how to use them and feel comfortable using them.

C: What is the best advice you could have for someone trialling these tomorrow? Say your top 3 tips?

S: - Start off using them just at home
- When using them don’t have them in full suits, only in tops or crouch bottoms
- Don’t have disposable expectations

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