Conni and disposables in the same sentence? I bet you never thought you’d see this... to be honest, we didn’t either.

Conni’s extensive range of washable and reusable products have become Australia’s most trusted brand over the last 17 years. We have always strived to bring our loyal customers the best products on the market. Over the years, we have put many many hours into researching, developing and perfecting our products and technology, and this will never stop. Conni is widely regarded as the leader in this technology right across the globe and it’s something which makes us all very proud.

Conni began as a brand that sold reusable bed pads to the commercial health care industry. Over the years we have progressed into becoming a supplier, wholesaler, aged care provider, retailer and most recently, an NDIS registered provider.

Our mission has always been to provide not only the best quality product but to offer incredible customer service for our much-deserving customers. Incontinence products are not an easily approachable product to purchase, which is why we pride ourselves on being respectful and someone you can turn to for information.

With this all in mind, we felt it was only fitting to expand the ability to provide incredible service on a broader scale. Many customers we speak to on a daily basis are simply unable to use a reusable underwear product due to the level of their incontinence. For some people who might be experiencing full bladder or bowel movements, washable products are often not suitable.

As much as we would love to say we have clicked our fingers and created a slim, ultra-absorbent reusable underwear to hold full voids comfortably, this is just not the case and our technology just isn’t there yet. And whilst there are a number of technical barriers to this ever being a reality, we will never stop striving towards this.

Without further ado Conni is proud to announce our distribution partnership with Attn Grace.

So...who are Attn Grace?

Attn Grace believes in a world where people are seen and celebrated as we age. They’re working to bring this vision to life with sustainably designed wellness products that are thoughtfully tailored to our changing awesome is that!

They have gone to great lengths to select ingredients that help to support our bodies. They also select materials that are better for the planet, too (totally a plus from us here at Conni!)

Their packaging bags also look and feel like traditional petroleum-derived plastic, but they are actually made from >70% biobased, 100% renewable, green polyethylene. This is just the beginning of a more sustainable future that Conni and Attn: Grace is committed to. We’ll be kept in the loop with every new initiative and progressive measure to an even more sustainable option.

We want our customers to experience the same caring customer service for all their needs, not just their washable ones. We can already see the smile on your face whilst reading this...buying my pull ups and my mattress protection in one place while receiving fabulous customer service and not being on hold for half an hour during the process? Who’d of thought!

For any light bladder loss or full protection during the nighttime period, our Conni washable and reusable products are still available for purchase and are still free of any chemicals or plastics. This fact will never change. In fact we know that there are many of our customers who will use both reusable and disposable products side by side, depending on their needs.

You can be assured that this venture into disposables has not been something we’ve taken lightly. It’s been well over 5 years in the planning. This is only the beginning, and we’re so glad to have you on this journey with us. Washables, disposables and all.