Conni Kids Reusable Bed Pad with Tuck-ins

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Our market leading absorbent and waterproof kids bed pad is recommended by mums on Kidspot for bedwetting and toilet training.

The original "1 minute bed change"

The Conni Kids absorbent; waterproof reusable Max Bed Pad for bed wetting holds over 5 pints (2500mls) of fluid over 8hrs.

The waterproof and absorbent bed pad is suitable for single or king single beds and measures 39.4" x 39.4" (1m x 1m). It has durable polyester tuck-ins each side to tuck under the mattress for extra security for those who wriggle a lot at night. It is also suitable for cots.

Perfect to use with potty training or toilet training methods including 3 day toilet training and 3 day potty training.

Soft polyester top; highly absorbent core and breathable PUL waterproof backing. 

We do not use PVC

More Information

The technical experts at Conni have recognised that PVC should not be used as a waterproof barrier due to its toxicity. For detailed information refer to Technology and Standards.

Simply place the bed pad on top of the bottom sheet coloured side up and lay directly on the bed pad. The child will feel more comfortable from the waist down just wearing underpants or light clothing. When heavy clothing is worn the child may feel uncomfortable if they wet the bed.

If your child wets the bed during the night; the bed pad will absorb the moisture and keep the bed dry. 

The Conni Kids bed pad is washable and reusable, it is easily removed from the bed and placed in the washing machine. The bed pad can be line dried or tumble dried then returned to the bed. Alternately use a second bed pad while one is laundered.

No more stressful complete bed changes and best of all, you are on your way to dry nights forever

We send you a FREE toilet training kit when you buy our Kids bed pad!

Choose either a Conni Aussie Animals Print on a white background; a fun print for kids of all ages. Please note kids print is subject to change without notice. Also available in mauve and teal blue colours.

The bed pad can be used with our waterproof bedding protectors and Micro-Plush. The range consists of waterproof mattress protector; waterproof sheet protector; waterproof quilt protector and waterproof pillow protector. All these covers are soft quiet, comfortable and easy to use.

Conni absorbent products are Oeko-Tex accredited and safe to use against the skin.

OekoTex 15 WEBV1


Mummy Must Haves loves the Conni Kids Max Bed Pad! Read the review below:

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Conni Kids Bedpads for bedwetting and night-time toilet training 

I have a five year old that is the deepest sleeper and struggles with bedwetting at night.  She is still occasionally (mostly) in night time pull ups.  We have tried on several occasions to get her out of them but even with a wake up around 9.30/10pm to go to the toilet;she still wets the bed.

I have a two year old son who is out of daytime nappies and should be able to get out of his night time nappies this coming summer.  (I could do it sooner but when its warmer will be better for everyone).

My daughter is such a deep sleeper that she will occasionally wet through a pull up or other nappy or dri-nites.  It has been a real problem for us and we are just going nowhere – even restricting fluid intake has not helped. It’s all about bladder training and bladder size apparently.

Conni Kids Bedpads inspired me to break night time bedwetting

Then Conni came along with their Conni Kids range and I was re-inspired to break the night time bedwetting.  We have been using the Conni Kids Max Bedpad and we also have a standard bedpad and having two is very handy.

Before we had these we tried another product but I found I still had to change the sheets and underlay if there was an accident.  The Conni Kids Bedpads hold absolutely everything in so I just throw it into the floor or in the bathroom in my sleepy stupor and back to sleep my daughter and I go.

We were also given a motivational chart by Conni which is great: My daughter get a sticker every time she has a dry night and she knows when she can and can’t have one. She gets really excited when she had a dry night and can stick a sticker on her chart.

Using the Conni Kids Bedpads is easy!

Using the Conni Kids Bedpad is easy. I just make the bed up with her usual sheets and pop the Conni Kids Bedpad on top of the sheet. If an accident happens at night I just strip the bedpad off quickly with little fuss and back to bed she goes with her sheet (there is still another mattress protector on the bed anyway).

So far so good.  We are loving the products;they have great support and info on their website and I am now more confident of getting my son our of night time nappies too.

16 June 2014 - RachMel -
The Conni Kids Bed Pad is great! I think it has saved my sanity in the last week!
My 4yr old just can't get the hang of night training yet refuses to wear a nappy to bed because he is a big boy. This is great ... I love him to bits and I love his determination; drive; passion and his creativeness in how to get them off in bed whilst still dressed in his PJ's BUT I haven't been loving the number of complete bed changes that we have been going through during this time.
We have a mattress protector and a waterproof protector but he has been regularily weeing so much that both of these have been soaked. 
Thank goodness for the Conni Kids Bed Pad because that is no longer the case!! The Conni Kids Bed Pad is actually absorbant! Nothing has been getting through this thing! My son will happily still sleep through after he has wee'd so knowing that the wee is actually absorbed and away from just sitting on his skin is wonderful. No more rash spots in the morning from lying in wee half the night. It's easy to wash and holds up in the dryer without taking all day to dry. The top layer is comfy so he doesn't mind not having his sheets next to his skin (I was actually really worried about this!) and it easily tucks in under his rather high king single mattress. The included toilet training kit is super cute and the advice and tips are informative and really helpful. Thankyou. 
I just wish I had known about the Conni Kids Bed Pads so much earlier.
Now if they could just come up with a doona / quilt solution for those nights when they are wrapped in their little cocoons then I would be one ecstatic Mum! 
Highly recommend the Conni Kids Bed Pad to anyone with a child who is still wetting of a night time! 

15 June 2014 - Jessica - My daughter is 2.5 and fully toilet trained but have had the occasional accident. This product was great easy to use and my daughter loved it. Her big sister also wanted one because of the print. Very absorbent and easy to wash and dry.

13 June 2014 - Narelle - I have a 5 year old son who still semi-regularly wets the bed and a 3 year old we are just starting to toilet train. I tested the Conni Kids Bed Pad with my 5 year old since when he wets; we've had problems with his previous bed pad not containing all the wee and it spreading to his pillow and under-sheet. The Conni Kids Bed Pad seems to absorb faster and having a nylon bias tape around the outside of th pad;it doesn't seem to spread to other bedding as easily. The outer layer also didn't feel wet to touch as our other products; possibly making it more comfortable for a child who sleeps through wetting (like my son).
The bed pad is machine washable. It was very heavy when it came out of the washing machine (showing just how much liquid it can soak up); but still dried in an afternoon on a cold but sunny day. 
My daughter loved the animal print. My son didn't comment on it;  I'd prefer a plain colour that matched his sheets so it wouldn't be obvious to visiting friends.
It's a larger pad than our others; which is good for kids that move around a lot on their beds; and has long wings that tuck well under the mattress; making sure the pad doesn't move in the night. The wings felt slipperier than our other products; but they didn't move or come out. 
Overall; I think it's a great product and will use it in preference to the two other brands we have at home.

10 June 2014 - Lindy -
The Conni Kids Bed Pad is a great product that has really helped in the final stages of toilet training for my 3 year old girl. It is very easy to use and stays in place nicely. 
I thought the bed pad is a very high quality product and my child loved the pictures on it too.
I couldn't believe how absorbent it was and the bed stayed completely dry; also easy to wash and dries quickly. For such a great product I thought the price was good for how long you can use it for.

9 April 2013 - My daughter has had huge success in keeping dry right through the night. Previously she kept wetting; but having this on the bed seems to give her peace of mind and the reduced stress seems to have made for amazing results. On the 2 occasions she has wet it saved the sheets. She enjoys putting the stickers on the calendar too and feels the achievement with pride. "Sacha"

22 December 2011 - We have a 5yr old with Autism who still struggles with night time toilet training. After several years of double or triple bed changes throughout the night; using mattress protectors and smaller bed pads; I found ConniKids Max Bedpad. What an awesome product! It covers my son's bed from side to side completely and extends the length of most of his body. When we have an accident;it's a matter of stripping off the wet bedpad and slipping a clean one under him. There are even nights where he isn't disturbed at all as the moisture seems to be wicked away from him and he doesn't wake up. Thank you for allowing me a full night's sleep!!! Oh and the toilet training system you included free of charge? It has him excited and motivated and wanting that star in the morning.....thank you again for an amazing product!!!  "Cherie"

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